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Working on My Fitness | Week in Review

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Well, I didn’t mean for it to work out like this, but I think Sunday afternoons are when I am going to recap my week as far as fitness goes.

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This week was hard, but rewarding! I feel so much better overall by the few changes we’ve made. The main goal I’m consistent on is WATER, WATER, WATER! My goal every day is to drink my 64 fl.oz. of water. I have only fallen short on one day. I measure via a water bottle I have and make sure I drink two of them.

I would love to say I’ve been eating better, and really I have been! This week though was my craving week, and what the uterus wants, the uterus gets. We had Pizza Hut P’Zones, we had pizza, we had sherbet, and ice cream! We even went out to eat… ITALIAN! I feel like I eat all day long! I previously mentioned using My Fitness Pal, and I have come in under calorie count every day! (well, I’m not so sure about yesterday when we ate out… but the scale was nice to me today!)

I weigh myself pretty much every morning. I know the proverbial “they” say you shouldn’t, but I do. I even track it most days. It either motivates me that I’m awesome and can do this… or it motivates me to get my bleeping bleep off the motherbleeping couch! It must be working because as of today, same time I weighed last Sunday, I have lost 4.3 pounds. [I know I psyched people out on facebook and twitter with that whole 2.4 mess- that was from the other day!]

WORKOUT: The proverbial “they” also tell you to take a day of rest for working out. Well, I only half listen to them. Hubs and I go to the track Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday. I walk for a half hour (which is usually a little more than a mile and a half). Today- I jogged almost an entire lap, which was HUGE! The other days of the week I do my crazy calisthenics (this week was 5 minutes a day, but I’m bumping it up from 25% to 30% of the 100 workout this week, so we’ll see!) and usually a walk in the evening. I tried to take a day off this week and felt so sluggish and gross.

I can’t wait to go to my doctor with all my notes of what I’ve been doing, how I’ve been feeling (which is why I’ll be blogging it here), and what the results are!

Hubs and I were joking today when we were “stretching” on the track that we should have someone take pictures for us on the track being gimmicky now. You know, 70’s tube socks, awkward stretches, wrist bands! Then in a year or two do the same type photo shoot so we can be amazed at the differences! Any takers in the Camp Pendleton area?

Here’s looking forward to another “Flab-u-LESS” week!

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  1. SO proud of you! So incredibly proud! I’m glad you’re going to recap what you did throughout the week—it helps so much with motivation and knowing people are waiting for you to write about it. Twitter, MFP, and blogging has been amazing accountability for me! Keep it up—it sounds like you’re having fun!

  2. I don’t know if you’ve tried but I really like using it. You can track your weight, measurements, food/calorie intake, etc. They have menu plans, recipes, etc. Best part-it is free! I use some parts of it. My favorite part is tracking the distance I walked/ran in my own neighborhood and then it gives me the number of calories I burned. Pretty nifty tool. You might find it helpful to use in conjunction with what you are already doing.

    • For some reason my School blog is what my comment is appearing under. My cooking blog that I update semi-regularly is 😉

  3. Sounds like you’re doing great!


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