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Working on getting fit and healthy is a challenge. I’ve done pretty good so far this week with an initial shock to the system loss of three pounds. (Motivating, isn’t is!) I’ve been doing the “quarter” of the 100 workout I posted this weekend and it has been rough on old flabby over here. The first day I was shaking and wobbly half way through, but I persevered repeating in my head mantras I pinned on my “Working on my fitness” board. I managed to get 25% done. It was the greatest “pain” in my life!

The next day my muscles were a little sore and tight for sure, and the last thing I wanted to do was my personal “INSANITY”, but I remembered my motivators, snuck a peek at them, and did it again. Today, I wasn’t going to since we were headed to the track, but I did… and my body is thanking me even though it hurts to sit, or stand, or reach to grab my phone when someone tweets me.

The song that gets me pumped and through it all is this one:

How can I lose motivation when I’m Party Rocking? It is infectious and gets me pumped up every time!

PS: I’m still figuring out the little nuances to wordpress, so if the video isn’t there, I’ll work on fixing it! I’m also linking this bad boy up with Amber over at Goodnight Moon later on for the Music Link Up, but I can’t figure out how to get the button in my blog… and wordpressers know?


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Paleo wife on 150lb weightloss journey documenting life, marriage, health & military move to Okinawa! Tough Mudder (Nov '12) and Stella & Dot Stylist!

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  1. hahahaha I love this song. I’m glad it is a good movtivator for you! So many people would quit in the face of pain so good for you for pushing through!!
    have a great day 😀

  2. Good for you girl!! Keep going it will be the best feeling you ever had (well maybe not the BEST) but close to it!! I spend my whole run telling myself why it is ok for me to stop, I have a million reasons and not one of them good enough. But without a doubt I always finish and I always feel good for the rest of the day. A whole day of good for one hour of horrible, I will take personal mantra as far as eating right is, “nothing taste as good as being thin feels.” ..It isn’t mine and I may never be thin but I will be fit!! Bravo girl, Bravo.

  3. Heck no women! I do NOT understand WP at all. That is kinda why I’m scared to move to WP.

    I love this song myself too! But I’ve never seen the video before….so thanks for linking it up!!!!!!

  4. LOVE this song!! I haven;t seen the video yet. It gave me a good laugh.

    And WORK it girl!!! I am working on my fitness as well. It is tough. :/

  5. Oh, this is totally going on my workout playlist! I’ve been trying to beef it up so I can KEEP moving in this heat. I hadn’t thought about this one. 🙂

    Good for you in your endeavors! I, personally, try to enjoy the pain from the good workouts–makes me feel like I’ve REALLY done something. Haha! Good luck moving forward!


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