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One Of Those Days!

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Hello friends! It is FRIDAY and the weekend is upon us! I have been pinning all day over on Pinterest and it has been feeding my “girly-time-of-the-month-cravings!” The one I keep coming back to and drooling is this pin:


mmm... delicious!


I even sent the following e-mail to your old pal Hubs:

Maybe you could come home with some rainbow sherbet (from Albertson’s or Baskin Robbin) or some nachos or some cape cod style potato chips. Or maybe you could just call and when you get here I can have the dogs in the kennel and we could go and I could run in so you didn’t have to in your uniform if you didn’t want to. Or… maybe we can after dinner. I have been having crazy cravings all day 😦 I’m a hopeless cause this week!
Love you!

Thank heaven for the man who puts up with me! I don’t know how he manages to keep his sanity in tact! It’s awkward because I never dealt with this in my teens, and it’s all new with my new medication. I crave saltiness… and sherbet. One month I seriously ate three bags of pizza rolls (we’re talking the bags of 90, here girls!) over the course of 4 days… and it was all I ate! Another month I bought 2 bags of chips (normal sized bags) and ate them in one day.

Hubby is no longer deployed and I can’t get away with that kind of gluttony anymore.

I suppose one day I’ll get used to these cravings and get them under control. Until then, excuse me while I fill a 10 Gallon Rubbermaid Container full of kettle cooked potato chips and eat every last one. Nom, nom, nom!

Have a wonderful weekend, stay cool, and I’ll catch you in the twittersphere and in facebooklandia! (You know… by clicking the “F” and the “T” up over on the top left side of the screen)

PS: WORDPRESS FOLKS: do you know how to just put the link to the pin in and have the blog take care of it? I know in blogger you can just put the ling there and Pinterest takes care of the rest… another thing I’m getting used to on the WP.

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